Earth, Womb & Fire



We welcome you to

This event is an introduction to the 2-Month Program
by Claudia Kratzheller

Pleasure – Power – Presence.

The Topics:

Deep Grounding.
Solid Boundaries. Clear Focus & some wildness!

What you can expect:

We’ll welcome you to land in your body.

Feeling and sensing in stillness.
With your womb at the center: Earth.

Your body and especially your pelvis are your compass to
feel, respect, and communicate your boundaries.

We will explore this through various somatic practices.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and let’s play: Fire
You can Express and Celebrate what it is you want.

You can feel safe, powerful, and sensitive!
Be prepared to enjoy yourself.
Can’t wait to meet you!

Grounding, inhabiting the pelvis, Dancing, shaking, letting go
The mood: Reflective, interactive, and Playful


Date:            Saturday 15 April 2023

Time:           14.30 – 17.30h

Location:     YouCanYoga
Stadionweg 283
1076 PA  Amsterdam




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