Yes! No. Maybe…

Self-connection & radical honesty
in touch, word, and awareness


Has it ever happened to you that you were so absorbed in serving others that you completely forgot about yourself and your own needs?

As social beings in general, we like to help and support others, and to be in connection.
If it is your profession, as Bodyworker, Therapist, or coach, we are in service of the well-being of our clients.

However, that does not mean you are 24/7 available for everything.

Clear boundary-keeping and managing expectations towards Yourself – and others
are key to preserving your inner energy and hence also being able to fully serve your clients at your best!

At the base of that is a clear sense of self and connection with yourself.

What is self-connection for you?
Do you have and respect it?
Do you care for it and express it?

We are going to explore this and more @More!


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YES! NO. Maybe…?

Self-connection, healthy boundaries, and radical honesty

For whom:

For Body-workers, service professionals and coaches,
and everybody who’d like to investigate
a deeper connection with themselves and others.

Men and women are welcome!
Tantra experience is welcome, but not necessary.


What can you expect?



      • How to foster self-connection
      • Knowing what you want, need, and desire
      • How to make honest and do-able requests
      • How to welcome a No.


Embedded in:

  • Safety
  • Mindful Touch
  • Embodied Consent
  • The Power of Context
  • Expressing Desires vs. Needs
  • The sweet spot of true connection.


What will you get?

  • More self-awareness
  • More clarity, joy, and ease in your communication
  • More agency and freedom in interaction


The Practicalities

Sunday Morning

Dates:             03/12
Time:              11.00-14.00h
Location:        Salon More  


We welcome you at @More!

Claudia &  Elin


About Claudia Kratzheller:

In a nutshell: Dance – breathe – move – be!

Claudia Kratzheller also has worked as a coach/trainer in the business world for over 11 years, facilitating international Leadership trainings.

She is passionate about Tango, loves Contact improvisation, and has been teaching and dancing both for many years.
After a long career as a contemporary dancer, she is part of the CI network (Contact Improvisation) in Amsterdam and has been teaching Yoga for over a decade in various studios.
Holistic massage treatments are part of her offer, to help people connect to their bodies’ integrity.

The essence of her work:
Trusting your body as a compass for embodied communication,
to connect, interact, and enjoy relationships.


Please Note:
The regular website crashed.

A new website and online platform are under construction!
Meanwhile, you can reach me here:

socials: Linked IN
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